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Daily Mileage

So you want to hike the PCT in one season. Let's do the math...

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail requires timing--you can't just start hiking a continuous PCT hike any time of the year. Why? Snow.  The first major snow pack heading north from Mexico is encountered heading out of Kennedy Meadows at mile marker 703.  This snow has usually melted enough to safely proceed by June 15.  If you arrive at Kennedy Meadows on June 15 you will have about 107 days to finish the remainder of the PCT before the typical October snow fall in Washington.   This means you will have to average about 18.2 miles a day between Kennedy meadows and the Canada border to avoid impassible Washington snow. If you plan to take one rest day per week, you will need to up your average to 21.2 miles per day.


PCT Math

To view a detailed analysis of the historical High Sierra snow pack click here

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