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If you plan on hiking the PCT you will need to obtain a series of permits.  These permits help manage the trail and wilderness areas.  Failure to hike with the appropriate permits may result in fines.  Do your part in wilderness management by obtaining the appropriate permits.

Pacific Crest Trail Permit

Apply for the "Thru-Permit" (available after January 31) at if you plan to travel 500 continuous miles or more along the Pacific Crest Trail. This permit allows you to enter and camp at all local, state and national parks and forests along the PCT (special restrictions may apply - read the Permits page at carefully). If you plan on hiking Mt. Whitney, purchase the Mt. Whitney Permit at the same time as the Thru Permit.

Mt. Whitney Permit

There is a $15 reservation fee if you plan to climb Mt. Whitney, exit and re-enter the Whitney Portal on the east side. Plan to exit and re-enter within 2 days. Reservations for Mt. Whitney must be received at least 60 days prior to the expected date of entry.

More Information

Canada Permit

If you plan on entering Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail you will need to fill out the Application for Entry to Canada Via the Pacific Crest Trail.

California Fire Permit

The California Fire Permit can be obtained for free at any U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, or California Forestry Office. The California Fire Permit is also available online. The fire permit is valid only for the year issued.

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