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Esbit Stove Tested

 Esbit 2 Positiong Pocket Stove
1) Stove fully open with large Esbit cube inside next to a quarter
2) Stove in lower position 3) Stove closed 4) Esbit solid
fuel cubes in and out of the blister pack


The Esbit 2-Position Pocket Stove is a lightweight (3.25 ounce) and compact (3"x4"x3/4") solid fuel stove made of galvanized, hardened steel.  The stove retails for about $10 and comes with 6 (0.5 ounce) solid fuel cubes (15mm x 25mm x 33 mm).  The Esbit solid fuel cubes come in water resistant, perforated blister packs and retail for about $6 for twelve 0.5 ounce tablets ($0.50 each).  The stove has two height settings.  The highest setting has a distance of about 46 mm from the bottom of the pan to the base of the solid fuel cube.  The distance to the top of the cube to the bottom of the pan is about 31 mm making an average distance of about 39 mm.  The lowest setting reduces the distance just a few millimeters.  Because this stove uses solid fuel there is no simmering option.  The stove is either on or off, similar to other lightweight alcohol stoves.


Boiling Test
Water heated for 100 gram Fuel Test
Volume (ml) 
Water Boiled w/ 100 grams of Fuel
Test Results*
Distance to
Flame Source
1 473 ml
(2 cups)
352 816 21 100 13.625 31-46
2 789 1183 6.56 liters 21 80 13.481 31-46
3 814 1000

6.36 liters

21 89 13.556 31-46
4 750 ml 540 739 21 100 13.429 31-36

*Calculations based on an initial water temperature of 70 F (21 C).  Testing conducted indoors at a temperature of 70 F (elevation 1650 feet) using safe laboratory practices. 

The Esbit stove was tested to verify earlier claims and provide additional performance information.  All tests were conducted on the high or full upright setting.  The boiling time of two cups (1 pint) of water was 5 minutes and 52 seconds with an average burn time of 13 minutes and 10 seconds, which is consistent with the manufacturer's claims and published results.  The estimated number of liters the stove can boil with 100 grams (7 tablets) of fuel is about 6.5 liters.  This is comparable to the efficiency of some canister and white gas stoves.  The maximum temperature observed when heating 1 liter of water with 1 large (0.5 ounce) Esbit tablet was 89 degrees Celsius.  It is estimated that one large Esbit tablet can bring to a boil about 0.8-0.9 liters of water.  A volume of 0.75 liters of water was brought to a boil in 9 minutes.  These results are consistent with the manufacturers claims.  A short list below shows some of the pros and cons with the Esbit stove.


Pros Cons
  • lightweight and compact
  • no simmering
  • surdy construction
  • heavier than most alcohol stoves
  • solid fuel can't spill
  • costly fuel tablets
  • can be used as a campfire starter
  • slow boiling rate
  • can be extinguished and relit later
  • tablets give off strong odor
  • burns at high altitude
  • burned fuel leaves residue on pot


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