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Pocket PCT

Pocket PCT: An elevation and data guide to the Pacific Crest Trail


$14.99 (3rd ed.)

Pocket PCT, 3rd Edition (2014)

The completely updated and revised Pocket PCT is built around an elevation profile and accompanying data table of the entire 2660 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. The mile-by-mile elevation profile and data table represented in chapters, each beginning and ending at a common resupply location.

The detailed profile shows water sources (each rated by reliability), water cache locations, resupply points, and hundreds of other landmarks such as campgrounds, roads, creeks, rivers, trails, powerlines, bridges and gates. The data table includes more than 3,000 landmarks. Each landmark includes mileage, a short description, elevation and distance to next reliable water source.

Commonly used resupply point addresses and other information is included in the back of the guide, including directions to each resupply point from the trail. This guide's author has thru-hiked the PCT three times and used the suggestions of fellow PCT hikers to write the Pocket PCT.

Recommended by Barbara Egbert, veteran PCT hiker and author of "Zero Days"

Why the Pocket PCT?

  • All the information is in one place - no flipping back and forth
  • Highly visual - easy to read at a glance
  • Landmark mileage matches 100% with the Guthook's Guide to the Pacific Crest Trail series of apps for iPhone and Android
  • Easy to find the next available water source
  • Accurate elevation profiles; elevation data sampled 20 feet
  • Includes resupply locations, mailing addresses and directions from the trail
  • Water reliability and water cache information included

Is the Pocket PCT a standalone guide?

  • The Pocket PCT does not include maps. HikeThru recommends that hikers should always carry maps.  Affordable maps of the entire PCT are available from a variety of sources.
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